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Exhale (Hatha)
A gentle but stimulating approach to the postures & breathing. Suitable for beginners & experienced yogis.
Flow (Vinyasa)
An active, breath-inspired practice that both strengthens & restores body and mind. Suitable for all levels.
Slow (Yin)
A slow and restorative practice targeting connective tissue. A great compliment to strength-based fitness practices.
Beach Flow
Get outside with us for these special summer classes. Fun, upbeat flows with a soundtrack on the beach at Stingray Bay (weather permitting).

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Our teachers


Kim has been teaching yoga and leading retreats in Australia, Canada and Bali since 2008. Kim has spent an embarrassing amount of time studying this eastern practice and draws on traditional wisdom in each class, but also shares whatever the heck is needed.

Expect a class with creative sequencing that both strengthens & soothes, designed specifically to extract all that is alive & well within this beautiful & chaotic thing called life.


"Yoga has been a part of my life since adolescence. I studied to teach Vinyasa while completing my Psychology degree at uni in Melbourne and I loved the way both modalities spoke to the connection between mind and body."

"I practice yoga so that I can be an energetic and patient mum: carrying a toddler and everything else up and down the sand dunes, playing and climbing with him, and having the headspace to be present with him, even and especially after a long day. I move so I can feel at home in my body wherever I am, and I teach so I can share this feeling with my students."


Mama, Surfer, Chai Queen & Flow Enthusiast.

Her constant study & curiosity for goodness makes being around her a real treat… except during a core sequence, it might be friends off for that moment but her infectious smile and genuine warmth usually mends things quickly after. 

Sally has a strange & wonderful niche for actually understanding the complexity of our human physiology and in her classes offers valuable insight to practices that nurture & restore. Expect a class that brings to life both the playful & grounding aspects of Yoga — an opportunity to flow in a safe & supported way.


Modern-day Ishaya Monk, yoga & meditation teacher, and a mum to two feisty kiddos — and truly gifted in sharing her experience of what it is to keep your body, mind and spirit working together NOW to feel strong, flexible, peaceful and truly alive.

A class with Sangita will be a gift to yourself that you just want to keep giving.

“Yoga & meditation is about taking that deep rest, relief & strength you glimpse on the mat into every corner of your life.”


Zoe has been practicing & teaching yoga for many years, maybe as a way to stay sane while raising three boys. Her love for all kinds of movement brings a lighthearted vibe to the sometimes awkward situation of a yoga class; rolling around beside strangers in lycra.

Expect a class that welcomes all levels with cues to create an enjoyable & deep stretch to calm the nervous system while restoring achy muscles & joints.

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